Modified Basketball for Fitness

If mindless, passive, extrinsic, and solitary workouts are not cutting it for you…
Modified Basketball for Fitness; no killers or defense – offense only on an adjusted / accessible rim.

  • Basket Cut is modified basketball for aerobic fitness. 
  • Think shadowboxing: it’s okay if you don’t know how to play – there will be no defense, no one “hitting back” at you. You will be playing offense only on an adjusted rim
    • Jump, sprint, run, run backwards, shuffle.
    • Footwork, balance, timing, hand-eye coordination, vision, endurance
    • Awareness, alertness, focus, teamwork, communication, imagination, aplomb, decision-making, poise.
  • Competition in shooting drills only.
  • Full-court play is 5 vs. zero.
  • Triangle offense is an equal opportunity, “read and react” system.
  • Cooperation yet Individual Freedom

Team Sport is one of the most important socio-cultural learning environments in our society. Moving with a purpose and healthy competition strengthens mental health by learning to fail, letting go of fear of judgement, and understanding that pressure situations can be fun and even thrilling.

Required mindfulness for active and intrinsic team exercise allows an internal escape to focus on cooperation, camaraderie, friendship, goal setting, and the pursuit of excellence – all that can translate into the workplace and daily lives.

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